Sunday, January 27, 2013


Steel Targets, more fun than paper.

In order to make yourself a more proficient shooter, use nothing but the best shooting targets. You will find that when you choose to use the ar500 targets that you will not only become a better and more accurate shooter, but practicing will be more fun than seeming as though it is a chore or a workout. Paper targets are boring and they lack the instant feedback of steel targets.

Steel Targets from from shooting targets from shootingTargets7 provide a loud feedback that makes it very easy to determine what shots are hitting and what shots are missing. When you watch the video you will see what I mean.

Many shooters will use paper targets or even paper plates as their targets, using paper targets won't give a shooter the audio that the ar500 targets will provide allowing the shooter to hear when he has made contact with his target. When a shooter uses a paper target, it can be Hard to pinpoint from a distance where his shot has landed causing him to have to walk to the target to check his accuracy. All of that walking can wear a shooter out making target practice a pain.

Once the shooter fires his shot, if he hears the gong of the bullet hitting the metal shooting targets, he knows that he has hit his target. There is no walking the distance to ensure the hit or to ensure the accuracy of his aim. He will know immediately the accuracy of his shot.

The metal ar500 shooting targets are available in two different Thicknesses which are 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. They are also available in a Variety of sizes such as 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch diameters allowing the shooter to be able to choose the size of shooting target that is right for him.

These targets can be turned around after being shot on one side to allow the shooter to shot on the other side. The targets can also be painted with a quality paint after each shooting so that the shooter is able to distinguish between old shooting marks and fresh shooting marks.

Another way to help preserve the life of the steel pistol targets are to mount the target with a slight angle downward so that the bullets don't penetrate the target. With the downward angle, bullets will be directed downward to the ground generating less heat and less pitting on the target. A shooter will be able to have a lot more target practice when mounting with the downward angle.

A target that becomes pitted can be a danger when shooting closer than 50 yards. Ricocheting can occur making shooting dangerous for not only the shooter but for spectators as well. With the proper mounting, use,  and maintenance of painting a shooter should never have to purchase another target to practice with.

When practicing with the ar500 shooting targets, a shooter can help himself to become the best shooter that he can be allowing him to provide the protection that his home and family may need. Of course,  shooting should be taken seriously and all of the personal protective equipment needed for shooting should be used.

The ar500 steel rifle targets will allow the shooter to save money on ammo as well as save time with practicing. The shooter won't have to make repairs to his paper targets or even continue to purchase paper targets once these targets have been purchased.